Join Us May 2nd with PJ Adams!

Boosting Your Book IQ: Maximizing Your Publishing Efforts Through Savvy Planning and Targeted Promotion

PJ Adams is coming to PWOC to help boost your IQ! Get your seat now and make sure you're in the know on topics like:

  • Working with Amazon (title, cover design, book set up, pricing, key words, categories)
  • Working with KDP (ebook set up, pricing, matchbook pricing, promotions, multiple versions)
  • Marketing (design, pitch, social media especially Twitter, advertising, endorsements, blogs, special promotions like KDP Select & Free Promotions)
  • What we've learned so far (multiple books, author profile, local and national presence, costs, efficiency, building a network)
  • PJ Adams is a best-selling author and licensed family therapist. The former publishing exec’s most recent works include Intoxicating Southern France, Intoxicating Paris, the self-help book Daughter Wisdom, and the popular thriller, Freud’s Revenge.

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