NEXT PWOC MEETING on June 6, 2015: “Blogging for Success”

1505 Richardson, John W (June 6 PWOC Speaker) Head shotMost writers have been told that they need to have a blog, but few have found success with the medium. Blogging in 2015 is not the same as it used to be. Standard posts go nowhere and comments are almost non-existent. To succeed at blogging now, a writer needs to take a whole new approach. By combining a custom keyword strategy, a long form, research-based format, and a targeted social media approach, your new blog can cut through the competition and find success squarely on the front page of Google. You can become the authority in your niche.

Presenter John W. Richardson is a professional speaker, trainer, and published author whose specialty is taking complex ideas and making them simple and easy to follow. He works with school districts, private organizations, and small businesses to set goals, strategize projects, train staff, and implement solutions. He’s written three books on personal success and three mystery novels (see, plus articles on personal development along with helpful free downloads (see

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