Promoting a Best-Selling Book through Communication & Connection with Laura Akers

October 7, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
City of Orange Library, Rotary Room
407 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92866
$20.00 ($10.00 for Members)
Karla Olson

Have you written a well-crafted book? Do you want it to gain more exposure and sell more copies? In today's market, writers must become part of the promotion process, a prospect that sometimes feels unnerving. 

In this thought-provoking and content rich discussion, you will learn:

  • How to create interest in your book
  • What to say at a book signing or other event 
  • How to maximize your presentation skills through storytelling

How to connect with your audience in a way that will increase sales

Participants will receive one-on-one "mini-coaching" to add small, specific techniques that will impact your message positively and help you connect emotionally to every audience.

Laura2Laura Akers is an award-winning keynote speaker, presentation expert and in-demand life success coach.  A prosecuting attorney by age 24, she has learned to dissect and demystify communication and connection to help individuals improve both their business and personal lives.

She presents keynote, break-out workshops and personal coaching on connection, confidence, communication and leadership skills. Laura coaches all levels of speakers, from beginners who freeze at the words “public speaking” to CEOs who want to improve their business and profits.

Recent work includes:

  • A workshop on Confidence for UCSD Faculty and Staff
  • Coaching a Tony Robbins employee to do a keynote presentation in London
  • National class on jury selection for trial lawyers